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EFT: Night Shift

Energy Field Tokens
, also known as EFTs is a sculpture installation by KiiK Create comprised of 6 freestanding sculptures made of MDO Plywood, painted with acrylic, inlayed with stainless steel cable and LED lights. The sculptures range in sizes from 8' tall to 4' tall. 
This installation can be seen as a "human energy charging station." Each token serves as a visual icon representing specific energy one can manifest: Wisdom, Attraction, Balance, Resilience, Abundance and Transformation. As the viewer stands around them, they can meditate and reflect upon these virtues and attract them into their own energy.
To learn more about each Token and what virtue it represents, scroll below. To "tune" into it's energy field, simply stand near the token, take some deep breaths, and reflect on your intentions. Taking a picture with the piece will also be helpful; Make sure you look at your photo every day, as it will serve as a visual reminder of your intentions.

Wisdom Token


Self-Awareness/Knowledge, Transmutation, Accessing Collective Consciousness, Intellectual growth, Illuminating insights about oneself and others, Seed of truth is planted​, Revelation, Acceptance


Attraction Token

Conscious Co-creation, Divine Inspiration, Spark of Insight, Cultivating Desired Outcomes​, Motivation, Intention, Awareness, Consciousness, Expansion, Prosperity

Balance Token

Harmony of Opposites, Light/Dark, Growth/Decay, Work/Rest, Tuning into Cycles of Nature/Time/Habitats, Being/Non-being,Unpack life paradoxes and cultivate emotional intelligence​​


resilience Token

Grounding, Regeneration, Adaptability, Response Ability, Determination, Consistency, Holding Fast​, Balance


Abundance Token

Creative Manifestation, Tuning into Source of Life, Recharging, Gestation, Growth, Emotional Mastery, Compassion, Crossing the Threshold, Frequency, Gratitude, Opportunity, Receive, Intention


Transformation Token

Transcendence, Hero’s Metamorphosis, Disentanglement, Empowerment,  Motivation, Enlightenment, Ascension, Nirvana, Reaching the Apex, Peak Experiences, Stairway to Heaven, 5th Dimension, Ecstasy, Bliss, Personal Liberation Redemption, Self-Actualization, Experiencing oneness with the world, Answering the Calling, Sharing the Gift​​

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